Just try to note the following italic sentences: “With Google Insights for Search, you can compare search volume patterns across specific regions, categories, and time frames”. You know what this function? The users of internet every day is very large, and even every minutes and second. And, we know google search engine which you can type it with www.google.com is the site that people most visit. And I don’t know what are searching by you now or your friend now with google.com.

And, to know what most people search via google.com almost every day in the world and you can monitor it daily, google insights has come to help everyone that would like to know the most keyword or anything that people search by the worldwide scale. But, in addition, if you feel it’s not accurately because you need only in the small scale, don’t worry, you are still able to select the types of data more specific again, just need to see and change the filter function.

It’s so important moreover if you are the webmaster which it means you can know what the hot topic that you can write on your site / blog. So, now the information about this has been revealed and let you be happy to blogging again.