Maybe, This is still a little of information that do not know by most people. So, I will share this simple tips below:

Is yes, you can do each action like example below with google search engine which you usually access it as:

1. The calculation of simple mathematics.
Google’s search engine can do simple math calculations such as addition, multiplication, division or subtraction, as have the ability to function as a calculator. Type the number you want to be counted along with calculations to sign in the box search engine, for example: 5 + 3 * 5, and press the Enter key or click the Search button on Google.

2. Currency conversion facility is also available in the Google search engine. Just type the figures currency followed signs that want to convert from a certain currency to the desired currency in the search engine, for example: 100 USD in INR, and press Enter.

3. Viewing time in various cities around the world.
You can find out the local time in a city or other countries. Just type time in [name of city / country] in the search box to find out easily with the local time in a city / state. For example: Time in Barcelona.

4. Conversion units.
In addition to functioning as a calculator, the Google search engine can also convert the size. For example: 100 inch in meters.

5. Check your spelling.
Google also have the facilities to check spelling, good spelling for a word objects, such as names and places, which may not appear in the program or spell check dictionary standard.