Since elected as president of the United States, Barack Obama seem not allowed to use his favorite handset again, Blackberry. Even to send an e-mail or other activities.

There are several reasons why Barack Obama is not allowed to use Blackberry:

1. Blackberry usage has the high risk of cyber security from hackers, so likely the president not allowed to use it.

2. Each e-mail sent by president must be recorded and may be expressed to the public under the Presidential Records Act law. So, Barack Obama doesn’t need to use e-mail if his doesn’t want his personal e-mail expressed to the public.

Actually, Barack Obama love the Blackberry. According to David Axelrod, Barack Obama team strategy, during the presidential campaign, he always “play” e-mail via Blackberry.
Barack Obama seems to be ready to say “goodbye” to his Blackberry to ensure his security.