I have found some great browsers another Mozilla Firefox, Internet Explorer, and Opera. Usually, most people only know for the three name of browsers like that. They still don’t know that there are many good other browsers that can use for the daily internet activity such as browsing, updating blog / web, and many more. But, I have ever tried the browsers only this: Flock and Crazy Browser, the other was not I try.

1. Flock.
This browser is like Mozilla Firefox, light, fast, and durability, quick to load, and simple. For using the fast necessity like browsing, download, and updating blog / web, this browser is so great.

2. Crazy Browser.
This is simple, and easy to load, but sometimes the websites that I ever access show the bad appearance because there are some HTML / Javascript can’t be loaded.

3. Maxthon Browser
I have never try this.

4. Safari Browser
I have never try this browser, but the information for it is so good, the web browser that provided by Apple corporation and can be used in PC / windows and Mac.

Can you add some others browsers?