Do you love with Grand Theft Auto IV? Yes, not too long time again, Grand Theft Auto (GTA) IV will be coming soon for PC (Windows-based computers). This game show Niko Bellic, the origin of Eastern European immigrants, who tried to get fortune in Liberty City.

Niko Bellic is the veterans Bosnian war who are in coaxing by his cousin, Roman, to come to Liberty City, a fictional town that inspired New York. In the United States, Niko had fallen into the black world. (Rockstar)

In Liberty City, Niko involved with Bratva (Russian Mafia groups). Tasks that must be resolved by Niko diverse, start from picking ‘package’ until to kill. (Rockstar)

Various vehicles can be used by Niko in this game. Start from the motorcycle, car, boat until the helicopter. However, no such previous series, GTA IV does not provide the capability in aircraft. (Rockstar)

There are many figures who can be found by Niko in this game. Those figures also have different background of ethnic and groups. Some figures can be a friend of Niko. (Rockstar)

If do a crime, Niko will be pursued by police officers. The higher level his “Wanted” status, more police want to arrest him (Rockstar).