Do you like The Simpsons Show? The very funny comedy animation that has existed since December 17, 1989? Just try to count it, is how long the Simpsons born? From the first premiere since now? Almost 19 years and it’s the long time for a show to be always exist and watched by the fans. I will discuss a little about the next episode, Mypods and Boomsticks. After I search anywhere an overview of it, I only can write a little summary about the story like below:

Homer suspects Bart’s new friend, Bashir, of involvement with a terrorist plot to destroy the Springfield Mall.

Too short? Yes, because the information that talking about the next episode is still little and the reason behind it is the next episode issued will be aired on 11/30/2008. Because of that why I can’t tell more story, don’t worry and only yourself that can know the next episode story with watch it, don’t forget!