CSI Miami is one of the favorite Drama action adventure TV Show in USA and even worldwide. And, after you all have watched the previous episode, now this post will tell you a simple overview / synopsis about the next episode from CSI: Miami: Season 7 Episode 10: The Deluca Motel. Like what the story of this episode? Give your attention to an episode overview below:

Horatio delves into Delko’s past to find the killer who targets the motel Delko is staying at………

So far, there are lots of fans give their vote to review it on Tv.com, are you interested too? Oh yeah, I almost forget not yet inform you when and where it show will be first aired on TV, the data is like below:

at CBS at Monday December 8, 2008 at 10:00 PM (60 min length.)
Watch this next episode at the dated time.