Are you the fans of Fringe TV Show Series? If so, now is near time to watch the last episode from season 1, with the title, “Safe.” Based by the schedule on, it will be first aired on Tuesday December 2, 2008 at FOX at 9:00 PM. So, I also want to remind you so that you can watch it on the exactly time. As you know, Fringe is Drama Science-Fiction first aired / premiered since September 9, 2008. It include one of some still young TV show in USA. Below an episode overview by the source:

The team is called in to investigate a bank robbery when one of the thieves is found embedded in a solid wall. Walter believes they’re after something of his, but things take a turn for the worse when the thieves ambush one of them.

Watch too an episode overview in a preview video below:

Watch Fringe Episode 10: Safe (s01e10) Preview video