On Sunday, December 7, 2008, I seen on TV.com for TV Show Episode was only a little show that will air. So, my choice is fall to Dexter Episode series, which this include one of any favorite TV show with highly rated by most fans and even almost everyone who watch TV episode channel. It usually show at Showtime TV channel for approx 50-60 min length for each episode. And now, the near time again for the fans to be able to watch the next episode from Dexter, it name is “I Had a Dream” for Season 3 Episode 11.

Watch it live if you have time on your TV or choose to watch it by broadcast online on sho.com, don’t forget which episode you have passed, if it would happen of course. Like usual, on Giredo.com, you can still watch for episode synopsis for the upcoming episode plus a video preview if was there on my sources.

Dexter has hard times distancing himself from Miguel, after all he’s still Dexter’s Best Man. Rita has her own dilemma now that she knows Miguel’s been seeing another woman.