Do you like Dirty Sexy Money TV Show Episode? This Drama Comedy TV Show is just launched in approx 1 year ago, since its for the first premiered on September 26, 2007. I believe behind this episode series, there are lots of people as the fans and always watch each episode without pass one. Now, for the upcoming episode 9 season 2, it titled, “The Plan”, and scheduled by date will air for the first at Wednesday December 10, 2008. Wait it so you can watch it live at ABC at 10:00 PM for full episode. Don’t forget, I think you only can watch it for full episode by live with watch it on your TV channel based by the date above and if you have to pass it episode because anything, don’t worry, go to and search there which episode you have passed to watch.

Senator Patrick Darling invites Carmelia to his inauguration despite being warned by Tripp and Nick. Chase makes threat against the Darlings. Brian prays to God. While Karen is face by an armed intruder.