Wow…Gossip girl since its first premiered on September 19, 2007 till now has got millions of fans in this world, not only in the USA states. So great I think. There are any reasons why Gossip Girl liked by most people. I just try to give my opinion.

1. Gossip Girl TV Show Episode has very interesting story on each episode. people want to know about the next episode.
2. Women casts is very pretty and beautiful, guys which as the most fans of this TV Show want to watch sexy and beautiful women cast,,ha,,ha,,
3. The story of gossip girl represents the real story for young people like in the school, university, and other real life.

So, that’s why Gossip Girl has had a fans ver lot,,,ha,,,ha,,oh yeah,,I also bring to here, Blake Lively sexy photo,,watch it,,,eh,,I’m wrong,,,see it,,ha,,ha,,