Eli Stone will air tonight on ABC. Don’t forget, the upcoming episode from Eli Stone, Season 2 Episode 8: Owner of a Lonely Heart issued will be aired on December 16, 2008 at 10:00 PM. Usually, for each episode will air for 60 minutes length. This drama Comedy TV show has lots of fans around the world. And, ABC is the brand name too, Eli Stone is in ABC TV channel. so great in my mind.

Eli undergoes a risky acupuncture procedure at the hands of Chen’s rival to learn what the future holds for him and Angela Cardiff after he tells her about his visions. Meanwhile, Taylor learns some unpleasant truths about Jordan while representing him in his divorce case, and Eli receives a vision that he’s supposed to represent a Nobel Prize winner who will someday discover the secret of cold fusion.

Prepare and manage your time so that you can watch it at exactly date, good luck!