Enthusiasts social networking site, Facebook continue to grow like fungus in the rainy season. Very amazing! For each day, the site made by Mark Zuckerberg success getting 600,000 new users.

That statistics cited from the independent blog, Inside Facebook. According to Justin Smith, editor of Inside Facebook, if Facebook’s growth can still awake, this site will have 200 million active users in March 2009.

Facebook has announced that there are currently around 140 million active Facebook users around the world.

Most of that amount, donated by users outside the United States. Based by statistics data such as Nielsen or comScore show that Facebook users in the United States “only” 50 millions.

On the one hand, the user growth is clearly a fantastic brisk. However, Facebook should continually strive to maintain stability so that the service system run smoothly even though there are so many people who access it.