Hello All? How your Christmas experience yesterday? Of course good, I believe, may God always bless you and your family, the Christmas spirit always on you all. Okay, I must continue the sustainability of this website, so, I always post the topic like this post’s title, TV Show episode. And, you all who are the fans of Gossip Girl TV Show series, don’t forget, after you’ve been celebrating the Christmas, you must return to your home and do the daily activities like usual, back to home, work / earn money, learn for student, pray, watch tv, and more.

Gossip Girl upcoming episode, Season 2 Episode 14 with the title, “In The Realm of the Basses”, will be aired on CW TV at January 5, 2009. like usual too, each episode usually plays for at least 60 min length at 8:00 PM. Okay, give your more attention to two interesting things below:

Because Chuck is MIA since his father’s funeral, his Uncle Jack arrives on the Upper East Side to find and help him. Trying to forget her last conversation with Chuck, Blair focuses on being accepted into the most prestigious ladies club in the city, Colony Club. Jenny returns to Constance Billard and immediately takes on Penelope and her posse of mean girls, but no one is going down without a valiant Gossip Girl-worthy fight.