Internet will be the main source of information for most people? Yes, it seems will soon become a reality. Because at this time for the first time, more United States people read the news through online rather than newspaper.

In the survey conducted by research institute Pew Research Centre, 40 percent of consumers using the web as a primary source news. While the newspapers reach only 35 percent of consumers.

Television are still occupied as a primary source of information. Television is used by 70 percent of respondents, down from a previous 74 percent.

The young people seem to be a significant contributor to the popularity of the Internet. 59 percent of young people under the age of 29 years use the internet as a source of news. Meanwhile, only 28 percent who use newspapers.

This latest survey results seem to be bad news for the newspaper industry. Previously, the newspapers company in the United States must continue to struggle in the current bad economic situation, for example, with do bulk termination of employment.