Just a preview? Yes, Giredo.com is specialist in informing the readers the TV Show episode which will air in the next time. This way will allow you to watch the preview video about the show that will air based on the scheduled date. Okay, like usual, because now I’m busy in managing my jobs in others blogs, don’t worry, here is one TV show episode that you shouldn’t miss it, Grey’s Anatomy next episode season 5 episode 11 with the title, “Wish You Were Here.” When it will air? TV.com has dated that it will air on Thursday January 8, 2009. Where? Of course on ABC tv channel, don’t forget if you are the fans of this show.

Like what the story? Some sight below that you can note,

Bailey teams with Seattle Grace’s new pediatric surgeon, Dr. Arizona Robbins, to save the life of a young patient near and dear to her heart, as the admittance of a death row inmate at the hospital stirs anger in Derek and further erodes Meredith and Cristina’s friendship. Meanwhile, Callie and Sloan work as a team to fight their respective attractions to Sadie and Lexie, and Izzie tells Alex that she’s seeing Denny.