Hi all! What about your happy new year holiday last week? I think it’s so great, Happy new year, the new hope too. Yes, like as usual, I will provide TV Show episode information again, and at this time is talking about Ugly Betty episode. Do you like Ugly Betty episode? I hope so because this show is very unique, interesting, and of course fun. Okay, likely I was late to inform you about the upcoming episode should since past time ago. Because what? Based TV.com schedule, Ugly Betty Season 3 Episode 11 with the title, “Dress For Success”, will air on Thursday January 8, 2009. Don’t forget, watch it on ABC channel.

Like what the story? Please note below:

Betty finds it hard to impress her idol, Jodie Papadakis who is an editor at YETI, while making a mess of her work and family life. Betty has a disastrous encounter with the assistant at ELLE magazine.

And watch too a video preview below: