Currently, BlackBerry has be a “favorite handset” to facilitate the communication of data and data processing. More days, more and more software vendors are racing to compete for third-party applications for Blackberry. Hundreds of third-party applications have been made with various types and multiformity to make your BlackBerry functionality be more powerful.

Among the hundreds of third-party applications available for BlackBerry, at least there are 10 important applications that you can get easily to add functionality and performance of your BlackBerry. And more fun again, the tenth this application you can get for free.

1. Viigo
Viigo is an RSS reader (RSS feed reader) that can help you to read your favorite RSS news from anywhere.

2. Vlingo
Although the latest BlackBerry technology has using speech-recognition technology to make calls, but Vlingo more modern, because with the same technology, Vlingo has been able to make that sound do search through the web (web search), open a calendar, and even sending text messages.

3. Google Mobile
With Google Mobile application, you can access various Google services, from email (GMail), news (Google News), tracking area (Google Maps) to Picassa photo.