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4. BBNotePad
BBNotePad is a plain text editor application that you can use to write document or writing the necessary code in accordance with your wishes. BBNotePad have 3 types of font size, and save the file in .txt same as in the notepad.

5. GridMagic Community Edition
GridMagic Community Edition is an application made by Simprit Free Software Community that is able to make spreadsheet and various other functions, such as Microsoft Excel application in Windows. In addition, the resulting spreadsheets can also be sent directly via email in Excel format .xls attachments via a new item menu on the BlackBerry.

6. Opera Mini
Although the BlackBerry has been equipped with the default browser, but you also need to try Opera Mini, because it can provide convenient access to the web in rendering speed and accuracy. In addition, Opera Mini can also zoom in or zoom out the web pages you access.

7. Mobipocket Reader
MobiPocket Reader is an e-book reader that can make you more easier to read various e-Book, and allows you to add Annotations while reading e-book.

8. iSkoot
iSkoot is a Skype client application that lets you can still make and receive calls through Skype.

9. TwitterBerry
Do you like twitter? Now Orangatame Software has made TwitterBerry, a special application that lets you stay connected with your twitter friends.

10. WebMessenger
By using WebMessenger, you can connect with your friends and relationships that are in the IM Network.