It’s called the “Stagecoach,” “The Beast,” “Cadillac One,” and even “Obamamobile.” However, any name, this new U.S. president Limo get much attention to its form and technology.

The official name that Limo is “2009 Cadillac Presidential Limousine,” and specifically made by General Motors (GM) for the Secret Service. This presidency cars will be used at the time Barack Obama inauguration on 20 January.

According to the Detroit News, GM is actually making some Limo, but the exact number is not known. Which is also not known by public, but some people in the Secret Service and the GM, is the specific detail of the design Limo, including weight and even the size or type of engine. The public is notified one: that Limo is equipped with CD player 10-disc and interior design made of leather sewed by hand.

Limo windows may be greater than the Cadillac DTS used by president Bush. Of course the window anti-missile. Limo also coated protective thickness of at least 5 inches.

According to British newspaper Daily Mail, the illustration of the detail Limo, in outline, the presidency car will be like this:

– Cuirass made of titanium, aluminum, steel double hard, and even ceramic.
– Camera view of the night (night vision).
– On board fire system
– 5 inches of Tier steel that cover the bottom of the chassis.
– Tyres is strengthened with Kevlar, anti-split and leak.

The Daily Mail also said that Limo using 6.5 liter diesel engine, which means not as efficiently as the Ford Escape Hybrid owned Obama. This newspaper estimate Limo price reached 460,000 U.S. dollars.