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Ccp Games has announced plans to release an expansion package of EVE Online, space game that can be played multiplayer online. Expansion package called Apocrypha, will be released in March 2009. EVE Online Apocrypha can run on the operating system Mac OS X, Linux, and Windows.

Players divided into four sections, each player has different technology, social, and economic. You can do anything you want in EVE Online, from flight commander (fleet commander) to privateer, Miner, captain in the industry, etc. For battle space player versus player, game feature will displays the economic simulation, where players can buy or sell or trade goods, services and materials. Many of the new features of EVE Online Apocrypha, such as the user can explore and create new technology, such as Tech 3 modular aircraft. Apocrypha, expansion package of EVE Online ( will be able to download for free to all gamers.