* Friendster
This site appears in 2002. The founder is Jonathan Abrams. Internet trends make Friendster management providing social networking services on mobile phones. In May 2008, Friendster officially make the view that in accordance with the characteristics of mobile phone. Please enter to the mobile version of Friendster: m.friendster.com.

The feature does not different with the web browser version on your computer or notebook. Users can post, comment, until upload photos.

Until December 18 2008, approximately 90 million users registered on this network site. Around 41 percent are from Asia, while 19 percent came from the United States. The rest scattered all over the world.

* MySpace
This site appears in January 2004. Members of this social networking site can view videos in MySpace via mobile phone.

MySpace including a social networking site with full application. Until March 2008, 2.1 million applications installed to the MySpace community. One of them, truth box for communication. In a day, there were approximately 117 million visitors came to MySpace. Until the beginning of the year 2008, most MySpace members from the U.S..

* Facebook
This is a most powerful social networking site at this time. In fact, compared with Friendster or MySpace, Facebook still junior. This site was established in February 2004. The founder is Mark Zuckerberg.

Because so many members, now Facebook has been “decorated” a lot of ads.

Facebook has been equipped with mobile facebook. For vendors, Nokia and other brands create direct access via mobile phone.

One of the advantages is Facebook can save 14 million images every day, Flicker and Photobucket “only” 8 million photos a day.