Yes, Gossip Girl again. Hey all the fans of Gossip Girl, where are you? Nice to meet you again. Now, you can wait for the upcoming episode from Gossip Girl, Season 2 Episode 16. Although this tv show is still in season 2, but had has so many fans in this world, not only in USA, but around the world. Okay, almost everyone knows, if you are girls, watch the show on how some boy’s cast is very handsome, and if you’re guys, watch the show, how pretty your idol,,ha,,ha.

This next upcoming episode will air on CW TV channel on Monday January 19, 2009. Like as usual, at 8:00 PM. Okay, no more words again from me, because I’m not still knowing will write what more. Below, I have provided to you an episode synopsis plus a preview video.

Who will get in the Ivy League institution of their choice? The students find out who is worthy of an early admission to Yale. Serena connects with a new Shakespeare teacher, who has no clue about what is going to happen when she gives Blair the first B grade in her life. Chuck pairs up with an unlikely ally in his battle over Bass Industries. Nate and Vanessa have a romantic night at the opera.