Just need to wait in the few days again, you can watch this upcoming episode, “The Best Thing That Ever Could Have Happened.” Before you can watch this TV show episode from Desperate Housewives, I’m only offering you some information in this post such as: Episode synopsis and a preview video that you can watch. I believe with you’re reading this post, you will find useful information about this upcoming episode. Okay, if you are the fans of Desperate Housewives TV show episode, always remember, on ABC channel and this will air on Sunday January 18, 2009. Happy weekend! Good luck!

When neighborhood handyman, Eli Scruggs (guest star Beau Bridges), passes away, the residents of Wisteria Lane come to realize just how much he affected their lives. Gaby recalls how Eli helped her make new friends when she moved in. Lynette remembers how he came to her aide when she was overwhelmed and neglected Penny. Susan reflects on how he was always there for her as a shoulder to cry on each time a man walked out of her life. Edie looks back on their special friendship. And Bree thinks fondly of how a small gesture he once made helped get her to where she is today.