Hey, you all? How are you? I don’t know what’s happening with this blog, usually, it can reach 500-700 visitors per day easily. But since last week till now, (during 7 days) this blog has low visitors, only 100-250 visitors per day. I really don’t know what’s happening with this blog because I don’t change anything with any setting and write some post constantly every day. I hope it can be normal again next week, 🙂

Okay, now is Smallville are in the first ranking by TV.com voted. So, I’ve decide to bring it latest episode synopsis and a preview video to here, giredo.com. In my hope, there are so many people that are looking for this topic. Yes, don’t forget to watch this upcoming episode at CW television on Thursday January 22, 2009. Don’t miss it if you’re the fans of SmallVille. Here is below:

Using the name Joe Fordman, Clark goes undercover to discover why Detective John Jones was shot. Meanwhile, Lana and Oliver are hiding a secret from Clark.