To be a successful person, perhaps we should emulate a lot of things from people who have been successful. The success is influenced by many things, not determined by 1 or 2 factors, but it is very complex. I have not become a successful person, but I want to share to you about the success, how we can become people who have financial freedom. And, to become a successful people, of course, we must make the right and “smart” real action. But, believe, everything must be passed with the long struggle and hard work.

Nouveau Riche (French for “new rich”), or new money, refers to a person who has acquired considerable wealth within his or her generation. This term is generally to emphasize that the individual was previously part of a lower socioeconomic rank, and that such wealth has provided the means for the acquisition of goods or luxuries that were previously unobtainable.

To be able to become Nouveau Riche, of course we must have a business that is able to bring us to success. And also, we must have a creative idea and “diligence” so that our business can develop with good. You should also read the success stories of several successful entrepreneurs, trying to find out what business they do in their lives so that they can become Nouveau riche. Try to read an interesting article:

In my opinion, a “brilliant business idea” supported by “the diligence and hard work” is sufficient to bring us to success, to become Nouveau Riche. However, many people were waste a lot of time and opportunity in their life with do “less useful” action.