Hi all! Good morning? Good of course! Now I’m talking about Desperate Housewives upcoming episode, which you can watch it on your TV on Sunday February 8, 2009. Where? Ha..ha..you’re the fans of course have known that it usually airs on ABC channel. And, based by date above, likely you have to wait for few days again to watch this upcoming episode. And because of that I’ve decided to publish here, in this post an episode synopsis include with a preview video. For you know, Desperate Housewives is the reality drama that has lots of fans in the world. Here is below:

Bree reaps the success of her new book by treating herself to a new car, while Lynette and Tom resolve to sell his Mustang for some extra cash. Susan is determined to send MJ to the best school, even though she and Mike can’t afford it. Meanwhile, Gaby joins Edie’s no nonsense boot camp to get herself back into shape, and Lee is conflicted over whether to tell Lynette and Tom some disturbing facts about Dave.

Here is a video for Desperate Housewives Season 5 Episode 14 Extended Sneak Peek