Google GDrive is the right answer for you. Like most other online storage, Google GDrive provide storage for documents file, photos, music and other files.

Google GDrive is accessible anywhere, anytime and with any device, can through a mobile phone and laptop, or desktop computer, so in the case of portability, Google GDrive will be “very great” in my opinion.

In addition, GDrive also offers “desktop client application” to allow the Mac and Windows users to access files stored in private storage with only through file explorer. And also, when we have an account at Google Docs, then automatically file will synchronization so that there will be additional folders that appear on Google Docs dashboard.

Drag and drop method is the most simple way to move files from a local computer to a remote computer, for that, Google GDrive adopt it so appear a new drive (such as drive G: \) to facilitate user.

One of the weaknesses of Google GDrive is: storage that they offer is only a private sharing, not public sharing. So that can not be downloaded anonymous. Approximately the amount of capacity is 10 GB.

For more details, please download this document.

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