Hi,,Now, come back again with Real Housewives of Orange County TV show series. But, I want to inform you all, that Bravotv.com, the main official website of orange county, real housewives of NYC, top chef, and more now has the new appearance of the website. When I was looking for the latest video that I want to embed here, I can’t find the menu where I can copy the script to embed. Now, the videos has the new appearance, more fresh, more simple, more easy to navigate, but unfortunately, I can’t copy the video’s script again to be embed. So, since now till unknown time, I can’t provide again the video in the post which I post the Real Housewives tv show series. I’ve decided to put the URL in the end of the post so that you can still watch the video directly to the main official website, bravotv.com

Okay, sorry, I also don’t know about the title of Season 4 Episode 11, but if I’m not wrong, the season 4 episode 10 has the title, “the girls want to come out and play.” Usually, on bravo TV channel, Real Housewives of Orange County will air on every Tuesday.
Below the video scene URL with title: What Happens in Vegas.


Enjoy watching!