Hello all, come back again with me that talking about TV show episode. After last 2 days, I can’t post about tV Show episode, because I was busy on my others task. Now, I just try to make this blog be strong again in the Google Search Engine. I didn’t know what happen with this blog because in last 2 days the Search Engine Result Page is very bad and I’ve got my pagerank back to zero. It’s the main problem why this blog can’t get the visitors from search engine. I don’t know why this thing can happen to this blog.

Okay, now talking about Burn Notice Season 2 Episode 13 with title Bad Breaks, likely it will be aired on USA network, Thursday February 12, 2009, don’t miss it!

Michael finds himself trapped inside a private bank with Jason Bly during an armed robbery. Meanwhile, Michael’s predicament disrupts Sam’s love life.