I understand, many people want to copy an article if that article is good, useful, and match with their needs. And, it depends few aspects, like: someone who want to fill his / her blog / website, because she / he is not having an idea to write about anything. After he / she read an article that he / she like, then they’d like to copy and then put it on their personal blog / website. But, whether this thing is allowed by the website / blog owner? And usually, an article / post has the copyrights system, which it means someone aren’t allowed to copy them? Okay, as long as the information is bright, and clear, you can do what you want. For example?

Articlesbase.com. In this site, you are free to submit your articles to them and many people will read your written. And if someone would like to promote your article, it’s allowed with any criteria, such as you have to copy and then paste the article from article source that are there. In that article source, it filled with any links, the author name, the copyrights, and many more. So, you’re free to promote again the people’s article. How about me? Who as the writer of this blog, giredo.com?

It’s not hard for you all since now I allowed you all to copy this blog articles which in your opinion is match to your idea / opinion to put in your blog / website. Or there is one of my articles that you feel is good and you want to republish it on your blog / website. Okay, I allowed you all to republish my articles with any criteria like:
1. You MUST include A LINK to which articles that you’ve copied.
2. DON’T make ANYTHING CHANGES to the articles that you’ve copied.
3. Simple, easy, and have helped me to promote my articles, thank you.