For those of you who like music, Sony Ericsson W395 is one of the best answers for you. Sony Ericsson W395 has a sliding design, and you can listen your favorite songs through its stereo speakers. In addition, Sony Ericsson W395 also has equalizer and a steady bass, so it is able to bring the special acoustic for you.

In addition, Sony Ericsson W395 has an easy to control music with the special button and Walkman™ player. To identify songs that you play, simply use TrackID™, while for the download, you can use the feature “PlayNow™”. To listen radio, you can change the Sony Ericsson W395 mode to FM radio feature.

Although the Sony Ericsson W395 is designed as walkman phone, but the mobile phone also has good imaging capabilities. With 2 MP camera, you can take pictures according to your wish.

In addition, for those of you who frequently travel using aircraft, Sony Ericsson W395 is equipped with a flight mode that can switch off the radio transmitter and receiver so that some functions can be used in some places, such as in aircraft and hospitals.