Lactose Intolerant? Yes, this is the upcoming episode from The L Word, season 6 episode 6. Based by’s schedule, it will be aired on showtime, tonight, Sunday February 22, 2009. Did you know like what the story of this upcoming episode? Okay, read the full synopsis below:

Jenny decides to puzzle a baby shower for Max and drama humdingers closely follows. Bette and Tina hit a barrier in their adoption process for the reason that it’s law with the intention of they argot take up the baby together. Bette goes solo to her gallery’s opening darkness celebration inconvenience top Kelly to irrevocably craft her action on the one to got away. Shane is feeling overwhelmed by Jenny and not bound to be how a lot supplementary she can take. Alice starts to impression similar three is a crowd with their new helper and harms begin to arise.

The synopsis is still less? Yes, of course. I think you’re looking for the preview video about this upcoming episode. Because The L Word is the interesting drama / comedy that you would like to watch. Okay, watch the video that I’ve brought below:

Cast and Crew:

John Stockwell

Main Cast:

* Jennifer Beals as Bette Porter
* Pam Grier
* Leisha Hailey
* Laurel Holloman
* Mia Kirshner as Jenny Schecter
* Katherine Moennig as Shane McCutcheon
* Rose Rollins
* Daniela Sea
* Rachel Shelley

Additional Cast”

* Rachel Shelley
* Mia Kirshner as Jenny Schecter

Yes, complete information. Now, you can watch this for full episode tonight with have collected complete information before. You will know the story of this episode, enjoy watching!