Watch the preview video of Flight of the Conchords Season 2 Episode 8 in the end of this post. This episode is entitled: “New Zealand Town” and will be aired on HBO, March 08, 2009. Don’t forget to watch for full episode dude! And I’ve picked up a little details of this TV Show:


Comedy, Music

Show Period:
2007 – now

Production Company:

Read Flight of the Conchords New Zealand Town episode’s synopsis / summary:

While trying to look cool for a gig, the Conchords become hooked on hair gel.

I think something is still less, here is the cast and crew who should you know in this episode:

Main Cast:

* Bret McKenzie as Bret
* Jemaine Clement as Jemaine
* Rhys Darby
* Kristen Schaal
* Arj Barker

See and knowing like what the story of this upcoming episode will air by…

Watch Flight of the Conchords New Zealand Town Preview Video