Now let’s talk about Futurama, which is a fantastic cartoon series, which will be able to provide maximum satisfaction to you. If you expect to be able to watch the next episode, there is a good news for you. Yes, Comedy Central will air Futurama season 6 episode 3 Attack of the Killer App on Thursday July 1st, 2010 at 10:00 PM. What can you expect in this episode? Very much, yes through this clever episode, we’ll know a lot of new information about technologies, like the iPhone, iPod, Twitter, and of course the king of social networking, Facebook. Look at the preview video below for more details.

It is highly recommended for you to know a summary of Futurama 6×03. Through this great episode, we will be able to see what ends up of Facebook, iPod, iPhone and Twitter in the future day. Mom is to moderate Twitter, while Bender hacks into Facebook. Elsewhere, Fry and also Leela get the citizens of World to function their iPhones and iPods to select who will win. No doubt, we’ll be happy and laugh by watching this extraordinary episode. If you can not watch Futurama Attack of the Killer App s06e03 full episode on television, then the solution is to watch via the internet. URL below is the answer.