This is my first article about this cool series. And on this occasion, we will talk about the latest episode, Neighborhood Watch, which according to the schedule will be broadcast by the USA Network on Thursday July 1st, 2010 at 9:00 PM. Yes, this is Burn Notice season 4 episode 5. In my opinion, this summertime, this series is the perfect choice to make your day become more lively. In fact, every episode is very interesting to follow, and Michael was always able to provide the best solution in every problem. And on this occasion, would he be able to resolve serious problem, about drug dealers?

Be patient, before, I think you also need to know the synopsis of Burn Notice 4×05. A reluctant MD goes to Michael for assist when a group of bad drug traders terrorize his neighborhood clinic. And next, Michael is drawn into a life-threatening game of cat and mouse with a sadistic slayer. Of course, we will find a good experience in this episode. Most likely, Michael Westen will be able to provide maximum satisfaction to us all. So, do not miss Burn Notice s04e05 Neighborhood Watch.