I Believe you’re one of the fans of The Real L Word. And today I’m very pleased to inform you that the The Real L Word episode 4 “Gambling With Love” will soon be broadcast by the Showtime TV channel, starting on July 11, 2010 at 10 o’clock at night. On this occasion, I’ll effort to put up some useful information that is expected to help you. Less is more, this episode has a main plot or the opening story like this. Mikey visits Las Vegas for a fashion trade show, then attempts to book a wedding chapel service while she discovers that Raquel will be coming to travel to. And you’ll be able to understand what happens from its synopsis below.

Whitney chooses to tell Tor about her other kinships and faces up another uneasy meet once she and Tor hit Romi and Miranda, her trainer, at the bar. Jill and Nikki are excited about the designs for their wedding dresses but are interested about the sinewy price tag. Rose offerings an assistant position to Natalie, who is looking to work. Tracy conceives pursuing a career in modeling after an agent sentries her at Stamie’s comedy show. I think you have quite understandably with the plot line, and I expected, this episode will be very interesting to watch soon. Another important part that you shouldn’t miss is a video preview / promo or trailer below. It could be said quite fortunate because I usually always hard to get an sooner video of The Real L Word episode 4 Gambling With Love.

Follow the web address below to watch The Real L Word online season 1 episode 4 Gambling With Love. Generally a video will soon be available not long after the air schedule on the original channel. And look now, whether the video is already accessible through one of the following media, zshare, or Megavideo.