I think you are one of the fans of Pretty Little Liars. And today I am very happy to inform you that the Pretty Little Liars season 1 episode 9 “The Perfect Storm” will soon be aired by the ABC Family television channel, beginning on August 03, 2010 at 8 o’clock at night. On this occasion, I will attempt to provide some important information that is expected to help you. Less is more, this episode has a main plot or the opening story like this. Rosewood gets a big storm on the day the students are to take their SAT essay, which makes the school to defer the examinations. And you can read what happens from its synopsis below.

Entrapped in the school during the storm, the girls’ personal lives go stormy too. Drama strikes each girl differently and evidences itself into different states of affairs. After the storm blows over and the girls get to head home, they all come to the realization that taking the SATs would have been a much easier job to complete. I think you’ve quite clearly with the storyline, and I predicted, this episode will be very interesting to watch soon. Another important part that you should not miss is a video preview / promo or trailer below. It can be said quite lucky because I usually always difficult to get an earlier video of Pretty Little Liars episode 9 The Perfect Storm.

Follow the URL below to watch Pretty Little Liars online season 1 episode 9 The Perfect Storm. Usually a video will soon be available shortly after the broadcast schedule on the original channel. And look now, whether the video is already available through one of the following media, zshare, or Megavideo.