Could be the Ford Escape XLS FWD 2011 is a car that will be your time. But do not hurry, maybe you need to know some important information about this SUV car. Glance at all the designs look very fierce, and I think you will be very proud if could have it. The price is not too expensive, MSRP around $21.060 or Invoice $19.960. This car is very suitable for long trip with your family. The Ford Escape XLS FWD 2011’s interior is very spacious and comfortable and ready to go through all terrain and weather conditions. I think the right segment is for young families with children.

Alright, be patient since this information not included with the details of its release. Besides, I even had to take an image from Yahoo! Autos the looks ahead of this car, 2011 Ford Escape XLS FWD. Now let’s go to the specifications. 2.5L I4, 16 valves, 171 hp @ 6000 rpm engine was equipped to this car, in addition to 5 speed manual transmission. Unfortunately, this car only used 4 cylinders and it means 16 valves. Unfortunately, I can not get what its top speed, but according to my estimation, probably around 150-170 km/h.

However, 2011 Ford Escape XLS FWD car is not intended to run fast, but for comfort driving and also the number of passengers that a lot with a handsome model.