You are a fan of sport car? Could be Toyota Supra is the most appropriate answer for you. I happened to get a video from Youtube below you can watch immediately. Do you have it at home? I think this is the type of Mark IV. The latest model year of 2002 with a sound that was almost like a beast. This car voice was very loud, like a jet fighter. With an innate standard factory exhaust, it looks like its voice can still be tolerated. Toyota Supra is one of the best sport car in the world today with performance and top speed is difficult to surpass.

3.000 cc engine is powerful and I guess you have to be very big and large house to save it. Do not let it make annoying sound to your neighbor. I think Toyota Supra performance would be very nice when you drive it on the freeway. For the city, it might be a bit redundant. For the sound, frankly I really liked it, because this car is a very powerful and ideal sports car. Are you ready if your friends or neighbors start talking about you with yours Toyota Supra?