Hello all True Blood fans? Are you Truebie? Yep, I would like to inform you that you can enjoy True Blood season 4 for the next year 2011. Schedule slot will most likely begin in early summer of 2011 on HBO as the official broadcaster. As if True Blood season 4 is the answer of the storyline that feels still pending from True Blood season 3 episode 12 finale “Evil Is Going On.” You would probably still a little curious about the spoilers.

As we know from the True Blood Season three finale, lots has occurred in Bon Temps. Tara left town for a new start out, Sam chased after Tommy and might or might not have shot him, Sookie has vacated the invitations of all vampires to her house, Eric was saved from being unfree within concrete, and Bill’s secrets have been brought out. Of course, that’s just part of what we saw.

On summer solstice, 2010, HBO announced that True Blood would come in production on a 12 episode 4th season in early 2011, with the new episodes premiering that summertime. The 4th season will generally follow the plot of the fourth novel of The Southern Vampire Mysteries, Dead to the World. Unfortunately, I only get 1 video below titled, “HBO series True Blood season 4 confirmed.” Still no further details about list of episodes and trailer for True Blood season 4.