Comedy romance TV show series How I Met Your Mother (HIMYM) season 6 episode 1 (s06e01) at least finally arrived in a timely manner. CBS as the official distributor will air it start on September 20, 2010 at 8:00pm night time. Welcome back to this autumn 2010, Ted Mosby, Lily Aldrin, Marshall Eriksen, Barney Stinson, and Robin Scherbatsky. They were very compact at all, funny and makes a hobby of humor. But the thing to remember, How I Met Your Mother is a TV show with the theme of romance in which you will definitely seduced by the storyline.

Great, since I have got the complete plot of How I Met Your Mother s06e01 Big Days. It looks like Ted will be back throwing a tantrum to Cindy. Ted encounters Cindy, the girl he dated who rooms with his future wife. In the meantime, Robin is still crushed over Don’s decisiveness to take a business in Chicago, and Marshall can not stop talking about wanting to have a babe. Once Ted and Barney debate about who’s “dibs” on a hot girl, Ted actualizes that she’s there with Cindy, a girl he antecedently dated who’s also the roommate of his future wife. In the meantime, Robin is sorrowful over Don, and Marshall can not keep quiet about his desire to begin a family. Watch promo season premiere here.

Watch online Big Days How I Met Your Mother (HIMYM) s06e01 below full episode (megavideo / zshare). Available after has been aired on CBS.