Merlin fans? The great news today as I got the full information for its latest episode, Merlin season 3 episode 3 (s03e03) Goblin’s Gold. What spectacular battle will soon happen in this episode? Once Merlin chances upon a secret chamber, he by chance releases a goblin. The bad little creature possesses Gaius, attaining the wise and renowned court physician turn into a shadow of his early self, rapidly developing a taste for gold, ale and supernatural jokes. Please note that originally you can watch Merlin s03e03 Goblin’s Gold streaming directly from BBC-1 UK TV station on September 25, 2010 at 7:30pm night time.

Alright, now you can know more here about the main synopsis and also spoilers story for it. In the meantime, main cast such as Colin Morgan and Bradley James will appear as they story has been directed by Jeremy Webb and written by Howard Overman. To attain things worse, the king all of a sudden goes bald and a awful scourge of turgidness hits the royal family. Will Merlin be able to puzzle out the source of all troubles, get back the gobblin back to where he came from and put an end to the mayhem before any real hurt is done? We will see it soon and please watch a promo video below.

Watch Merlin s03e03 Goblin’s Gold online stream video zshare or megavideo link below. Availabilty after aired originally on BBC-1 schedule.