This time the couple of Bones will return to investigate a case which is quite complicated in Bones season 6 episode 2 (s06e02) The Couple in the Cave. Yes, their relationship this time still earn a pretty severe test, because on the other hand, Booth’s girlfriend and Afghanistan war newspaperwoman, Hannah Burley (guest star Winnick), attains a surprise visit. Once the remains of a couple are attained in a cave at National Park, the squad must piece conjointly the personal identity of the man and the woman as well as solve the law-breaking. Bones s06e02 The Couple in the Cave be ready to watch stream on September 30, 2010 Fox TV at 8:00pm.

A couple’s remains that are ascertained in a National Park cave make a double mystery, who are they and why were they killed? Elsewhere, Booth’s girlfriend comes by, unexpectedly stateside from her duty assignment as a correspondent in Afghanistan, which leaves Brennan unsure of her kinship with Booth. Well, what about this? Booth seems to have another woman? Ah, not so likely. Brennan likely to understand about this. And he attempts to teach her that love isn’t always logical. Is Brennan can accept the reasons of this? We do not know so far. Watch a HD video preview below.

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