This nice day to talk about Smallville season 10 episode 2 (s10e02) Shield. Yes, in this latest episode, Clark rumored will be performing again to fight with the tactics and strategies that are very great. Having battled back and came back from death, big problems already facing Clark and he will not stay silent in the face of situations like this. Clark gets involved in a deadly game of cat-and-mouse while he efforts to protect Lois’ replacement at the Daily Planet, who’s being targeted by an assassin named Deadshot. Don’t forget to watch Smallville s10e02 Shield stream on October 01, 2010 at 8:00pm night time.

Yes, surely this episode will last a very exciting one, because Clark will likely face Deadshot. Will this be a fierce battle? Meantime, Hawkman precedes Lois, who presently lives in Egypt, to his wife, Shayera. It seems to be a lot of guest star who will perform, because this episode is pretty complex storyline. After Lois leaves for Egypt, the Daily Planet employs a new reporter by the name of Kat Grant to take her place. An assassin named Deadshot directs at Kat but Clark acquires the man has a dangerous out of sight agenda that involves The Blur. Meantime, Carter Hall comes on in Egypt to watch over Lois and he tells Lois about his wife Shayera. Watch a preview clip below.

Watch Smallville season 10 episode 2 (s10e02) Shield online streaming below zshare or megavideo. Availability notes after air date original on CW.