The Simpsons season 22 episode 2 (s22e02) Loan-a-Lisa will soon come for Sunday tomorrow, which will make your day more fun and relax. Once Grampa gives all member of the family a portion of his savings, Lisa and Marge spend their money in drastically various ways. Lisa invests in Nelson’s bran-new business venture, but shortly realizes that her friend’s instant success could lure him away from the schoolroom. Watch The Simpsons s22e02 Loan-a-Lisa streaming begin October 03, 2010 at 8:00pm night time. Surely you will be very entertained and laugh out loud.

Another storyline is found like this. Worried that his opinion might obscures, Lisa introduces Nelson to the well-educated and victorious creator of Facebook, Mark Zuckerberg (guest-voicing as himself), just to discover that he too dropped out of school. But once the soaring business all of a sudden takes a sharp turn, Lisa teaches her friend that education is invaluable. Want to do business or to focus on school? It seems it is true that a person’s success is not influenced by level of education.

Watch The Simpsons season 22 episode 2 / s22e02 Loan-a-Lisa online streaming via zshare or megavideo link below. Available after aired on FOX.