The story of How I Met Your Mother Season 6 episode 3 (603) Unfinished more serious this time about the design of a building. Barney utilizes his tricks commonly used to land women to effort to get Ted to take up a job designing a new building for GNB. Meantime, Robin drunk dials Don. Recently I informed that main cast like Ted Mosby, Lily Aldrin, Marshall Eriksen, Barney Stinson, and Robin Scherbatsky would appear to enliven this most recent episode. The show times is about to appear in the very near time, October 04, 2010 CBS TV channel at 8:00pm night time to watch stream How I Met Your Mother episode 603.

Well, How I Met Your Mother Unfinished episode 603 actually having the complete synopsis and spoilers probably like this. While Ted passes up Barney’s offer to design the new GNB building, Barney ties to court him by using all of his best womanizing tactics. In the meantime, Robin is still not over her relationship with Don and drunk dials him. Yes, as in the sentence above, it’s like that storyline. How I Met Your Mother is a comedy based television show which is favored by many fans from around the world. You have the opportunity to watch a video preview below.

Watch How I Met Your Mother season 6 episode 3 (603) Unfinished stream online zshare or megavideo below. Be available after aired on CBS air date.