Of course this will be very exciting the story of NCIS Season 8 episode 4 (804) Royals and Loyals to you watch fans. And director Arvin Brown seems very clever in taking the theme that attracted much interest in the episode this time, because it will cause a controversy and international incident between the two friendly prestige countries, the United States and Britain. The squad is involved with in an international incident as they look into the murder of an American petty officer who has body was ascertained aboard a British ship.

However, have you missed the information about the air date? Yes, it looks like I have not mentioned above. And therefore I think this information is very important for you. NCIS season 8 episode 4 (804) having schedule to broadcast on CBS, begin on tomorrow Tuesday, October 12, 2010 at 8:00pm night time. Please you all the fans take care of this upcoming episode. Once the body of an American officer is associated to a British Navy vessel, murder becomes into an international incident. It must be very exciting to see it soon. Preview here.

Watch or download NCIS 804 season 8 episode 4 Royals and Loyals link zshare or megavideo below. Be available after the air date first above.