Michael, Jim, and Dwight becomes the main stars on The Office season 7 episode 5 (s07e05) The Sting. Make sure you do not miss the latest episode of this when it will be aired by NBC TV channel streams began on October 21, 2010 at 9 pm. Of course The Office s07e05 The Sting will bring the latest newest fresh storyline and plot. Check it out here the complete its summary. Michael, Jim, and Dwight get to discover how a competing salesman is so successful. In the meantime, Andy forms a band after learning a friend from Cornell is a success in the music business concern.

One more time, I repeat again the summary for this episode, The Office s07e05 The Sting. Once a competing sales affiliate (guest star Timothy Olyphant) steals a Dunder Mifflin client, Michael (Golden Globe winner Steve Carell), Jim (John Krasinski) and Dwight (Rainn Wilson) determine to establish a sting to catch out his sales secrets. Andy (Ed Helms) chooses to start a band after catching out a friend from college has a successful music life history. Randall Einhorn as the director and Mindy Kaling as the screenwriter. Yeah, a slight information for you about the crew of this episode. No preview video today on Youtube.

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