Has been set on ABC TV channel, Brothers and Sisters s05e05 season 5 episode 5 Call Mom to air again in this Sunday. Nora and Kitty seems to be two important players who will be the highlight of the camera this time. The theme will focus on the Radio producer, here it’s. A radio producer needs Nora to audition for a new show. Kitty returns into the dating game. Talking about Brothers and Sisters, of course many beautiful actress who will entertain you the fans. Don’t forget since the detail air date of Brothers and Sisters s05e05 Call Mom has been published to public, October 24, 2010 at 10:00pm nighttime.

Okay, let’s get started, and this is a complete synopsis and also include spoilers story. Nora’s maternal skills and advice get the attention of a radio producer who asks in her to audition for a new show. But once Nora goes through with the invite, she all of a sudden ascertains herself out of her conference, competitory with a famous personality, Dr. Alexandra Kirby. Meantime, as Kevin and Justin go through some life lessons of their own, Kitty directs back into the dating game with her Ojai handyman, Jack (guest star Jeremy Davidson). Take a look to call mom video below.

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